The unique Thermavance design makes it a natural fit for seating in vehicles of all types:
  • motorcycles
  • trains, planes & buses
  • ATVs & UTVs
  • farm equipment
  • golf carts
  • other recreational vehicles

Thermavance is ideally suited for outdoors too. For the first time, seats exposed to the elements may be heated or cooled by one system that is contained within most any seat design exposed to the elements. Applications include commercial mowers, golf cars, construction equipment and agricultural equipment.


For electric vehicles, Thermavance can conserve energy and improve vehicle range by providing heating and cooling directly to vehicle occupants as opposed to heating or cooling the air in the passenger cabin.


Its biggest advantages is that Thermavance heats and cools through conductive heat, rather than convective heat transfer. Traditional heated and/or cooled seats rely on convective heat transfer, meaning they must first heat or cool air which, in turn, must heat or cool the seat occupant.

The use of convective energy and the reliance on air to move heat requires that manufacturers use perforated seats to move the air through the seating surface. This leaves the seat vulnerable to damage by spills, clogging, general wear-and-tear and moisture.