Promethient Launches Thermavance Personal Heating and Cooling Technology for Multiple Industries

  • New technology designed for multiple market sectors, including transportation, medical devices, furniture and garments
  • Thermavance uses electronic heating and cooling technology and has the ability to connect to mobile devices
  • Thermavance office and manufacturing headquarters in Traverse City, Mich.


Traverse City, Mich. (March 1, 2018) – Thermavance, human-scaled climate control technology, officially launched today. The new personal heating and cooling technology is adaptable, connected and designed for use in transportation and recreational vehicles, medical devices, personal garments and furniture. The product is a brand of Traverse City, Michigan-based Promethient.

“Thermavance is a remarkable new product that is going to change the way people achieve comfort in the environments in which they work, play or live,” said William Myers, CEO of Promethient, makers of Thermavance. “This technology is fundamentally different than anything currently on the market. Along with being durable, energy efficient and adaptable, it has the ability to be controlled from mobile devices.”

Through the use of compact electronic heat pumping devices and graphene, Thermavance uses conductive heat transfer to deliver heat to the body. By simply changing the electrical polarity of the power supplied to the Thermavance-equipped product, it is able to seamlessly transiton into cooling mode to remove heat. The compact size and simplicity of the system make it easy to adapt to a variety of products including automobile seats, office furniture, athletic apparel, golf carts and therapeutic medical devices.

Thermavance also has the ability to be connected to mobile devices, giving users the ability to heat and cool themselves controlled through the Internet of Things (IoT). For example, a therapeutic heating and cooling wrap can be controlled from the wearer’s mobile device.

“The revolutionary use of graphene is unique to Thermavance and our well established intellectual property,” said Chuck Cauchy, Founder and Chief Technical Officer. “There is a trend in many industries to personalize user experiences, including thermal comfort. Moreover, our technology has the potential to conserve energy which is always important, especially in electric vehicles and office buildings.”

Thermavance-equipped seating is expected to enter production in power sports vehicles in 2018. Development work for automotive seating has been underway for three years.

Thermavance systems will be produced at the Promethient facility in Traverse City, Mich.