Promethient receives funding from Northern Michigan Angels

  • Traverse City startup is the most recent recipient of investor funds from this growing organization
  • Promethient to use funding to continue growth and expansion in 2018


Traverse City, Mich. (January 30, 2018) – Traverse City start-up company Promethient has received investment funds from the Northern Michigan Angels, an organization that focuses on private sector economic development.

Promethient, a provider of human-scaled climate control systems for use in a wide variety of verticals including automotive, agricultural, medical and garments, is eager to expand their R&D and scale the company for growth in 2018.

“With the enthusiastic participation of the Northern Michigan Angels, Promethient will accelerate our work with forward-thinking customers and bring energy efficient human scaled climate control to their products,” said Bill Myers, CEO of Promethient. “The benefits of our intellectual property is getting people’s attention and this will help us address demand.”

“We are avid supporters of Nothern Michigan businesses, we have seen remarkable progress made by Promethient and we want that progress to continue.  Our members see the inherent benefits of solid state heating and cooling and are anxious to see Promethient’s markets developed,” said Deanna Cannon, Executive Director of Northern Michigan Angels.


Northern Michigan Angels is a member of the Angel Capital Association (ACA) and the Michigan Venture Capital Association (MVCA), with a comprehensive portfolio of investments starting in 2012, Promethient joins the list alongside many other successful companies.